Embracing Greek heritage: Zeus+Δione/3rd outfit

I always believed that life begins over again with the summer. It's the time when you are not required to be who everyone thinks you are, feeling quiet and grateful with no eyes on you and no past. Summer opens the door and lets you out. 
Wearing my Zeus+Δione 'Athena' kaftan, lost in a beautiful Greek beach gazing at a sunset smeared with too much color feeling full and happy, I decided to upload my favorite post in the heart of the summer! 
Every photo reveals a different emotion, captured in a scenery and at the particular time of the day that the tired brightest star goes to bed… That time that the rest of the human creatures can admire its glow and its majesty, and by stealing some of it's power it's their time to start dreaming!

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or bring storms, but to add colors to my sunset sky."

Enjoy a perfect summer full of beautiful sunsets unfolding in front of your hearts and your eyes!!!

'ATHENA' textured silk long kaftan with lace by Zeus + Δione'HEPHAESTUS' handmade leather flat sandals by Zeus+Δione, 'PANDORA' sand knitted cotton fringed bag by Zeus+Δione, handmade contemporary jewellery by Rallou Katsari
You can also shop the Zeus+Δione collection online atMATCHESFASHION.COM

 Editing by Andy Tsivanidou 

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  1. I love that ring! Beautiful images! xox Cass letsbreakthefake.com