Polina Sapouna-Ellis Convertible Jewelry - The presentation

 There has always been a debate regarding fashion being a true art form. There are some fashion pieces or some trends that can tell you the way people used to express themselves in a specific period, but there are some other pieces that their beauty is timeless and you can definitely say that they are a decorative art. 
That was my first thought when I had a closer look at Polina Sapouna-Ellis' jewelry two weeks ago at Salon De Bricolage. When I had a chat with her I could easily realize why.
Polina is an archaeologist by training and her life among invaluable treasures of ancient Greek art, as well as her own need to create, led her to her true passion :jewelry design.

When I asked her about her work and inspiration she stated: 
“My approach to jewellery design stems from the architectural perspective. SYMMETRIA, the ancient Greek concept of counterbalance is fundamental. I believe in the power of geometry. As an archaeologist, ancient Greek shapes and motifs permeate my designs. The collections DORIAN, MEANDER or ANTITHESIS are triggered by the austere simplicity of ancient Greek norms. The simplicity of clean geometrical shapes inspires and intrigues me, while it lends minimalistic and often futuristic elements to many of my creations. I view each piece of jewellery as a sculpture, a small structure born out of a concept, urging me to define how it will invade space; should it be large or small, shiny, matte, timid, assertive.I want my jewellery to be dynamic and often transformable, convertible to accommodate one’s mood".

It was an amazing chat, a beautiful and inspiring night with gorgeous people admiring those "small" pieces of art! You can already find Polina's jewelry in museums and shops worldwide, but it's just the beginning! I am sure that her name and her creations carrying and depicting the Greek spirit and history will soon concur the world! 

ps: for more updates and inspiration follow her Facebook page and her instagram page: @polinasapounaellis2013


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