Antonia Karra: Arm party full of braided inspirations!!!


When i first saw Antonia Karra's friendship bracelets it felt like love at first sight! Being a huge fun of arm parties and loving different colors, shapes, beads and textures blended together during the sun kissed days of summer i noticed that these bracelets have something unique to say, it was the piece that could give that extra touch and make my'party' the one that everyone would remember!
Meeting the designer during the 'Fun in the sun' event at Bettina boutique, i realized that Antonia Karra creates pieces that reflect her sense of adventure and love of life!
Inspired by her travels around the world AK collection is a mix of different cultures and styles sprinkled with a bohemian touch.
It all started last June during her trip to NY where she noticed all around her the arm party trend and she got influenced by Man Repeller's addiction to arm candies. As soon as she got back she started creating her own friendship bracelets and after posting herself wearing them on facebook she found out that there was a huge demand for her creations. So, she found herself creating her own fashion business!
When I asked her about her talent and how she learned to knit and bead these little arm treasures, she stated: " I was taught the handcraft of knitting by my darling grandmother. Under her loving watchful eye I pulled myself through knitting puzzles of ever increasing complexity. What started as a game to occupy my restless child’s mind soon became a habit of nature. Visions of golden Greek sunsets, the eye- soothing blue of the sea just a step away from our summer house are an endless inspiration'".
My favorite one, is the blue frayed one as seen on the second pic (taken by me :-)). In my opinion what makes AK bracelets unique is the quality of the materials she uses -silk yarns- that when knitted and blended together they have a smooth and luxurious feel. I guess that's the point when the essence of luxury is getting synonymous to hippie chic! 
You can find Antonia's bracelets at Bettina boutique, Gee list boutiques, starbags.gr and soon an exclusive capsule collection will be available for you to buy at queen Calliope e-shop!
Pick your favorite one and keep in mind that: Summer should be an endless colorful party full of surprises!

Photos via Antonia Karra-Makios facebook page

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