Valia Gabriel: Perfect summer sandals

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Now that summer is literally one breath away, I can't stop daydreaming about vacation and my favorite summer outfits! And there is no summer outfit that can be completed without Valia Gabriel's perfect summer sandals. 
Spending her summers in the Greek Islands and currently living in the Bahamas (a year full of summer is a great source of inspiration), Valia Gabriel believes that sandals are an important element for someone's vacation. 
Valia Gabriel started designing sandals in 2009 and went on to create her own signature line in 2011. Hand made on the island of Crete, her sandals are inspired from Ancient Greek designs reflecting minimalist lines and earthy colors. For her the notion behind sandals is one of comfort and practicality captured in beautifully simple footwear.
Personally, I am in love with her sandals due to their distinctive shapes, in addition to the quality and the pastel colors (dusty pink, pale blue, khaki) of the leather she uses. They are an everyday essential to me - the perfect partner to casual denim and bold print dresses. 
Ιf you by any chance pop by the Bahamas visit the The Sugar Mill by India Hicks & Linda Griffin boutique and don't be surprised if you see a Greek designer grabbing the whole of attention!
Otherwise you can visit one of my favorite Greek boutiques, BETTINA, to pick your dearest color and model! I vote for Sandy Cay and Hampton!


Photos via Valia Gabriel

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  1. Ξέρεις σε τι τιμές κυμαίνονται περίπου;Είναι όλα υπέροχα!