The Hermes Wonderland by Olivia Bee

"Olivia Bee, 18, started photographing her friends when she was just 11, gradually developing a dreamy, color-drenched aesthetic that is a visual metaphor for the emotional lushness and near-religious sensory intensity of adolescence. Neither are qualities normally associated with the bourgeois elegance of Hermès, but after seeing Bee’s work in Le Monde, a representative of the house contacted her about photographing for Le Monde d’Hermès, the brand’s magazine, and shooting a short film, “Il Est Pour Nous,” which stars Bee, her boyfriend Cooper Campbell and a pair of pastel bunnies, for its Web site. Sweet yet sensual, with a fairy-tale-like guilelessness, the resulting images are a whole new way of looking at the foulard, which Bee fashioned into both a giant hair bow and a curvy elf hat." -The New York Times

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