The precious world of Katerina Psoma

Originally from the heart of Athens, Katerina Psoma was surrounded by a strong sense of culture and style. Her aesthetic was broadened, and passions realised over the years that came.  Katerina developed her love of vintage materials whilst she studied History of Art at Rome and London. During her doctoral studies, she travelled around the world to broaden her artistic horizons.  These trips inspired her to forage for jewellery, unique trinkets and charms in an array of flea markets.  Based in these findings, she created the first personalised pieces. Coupling vintage charms, semi precious stones, wooden and odd murano beads, she has never strayed from creativity. Inspiration for the themes and stories prevalent in these collections come from a multitude of references such as art, current and native world cultures. 

Katerina’s lively and vivacious character is reflected through these eclectic, innovative pieces that highlight the value of ingenuity in design.
When we visited her showroom to view her magnificent collection, we felt like entering to a magical colourful world where Katerina was our fairytale hostess. Whilst trying on the jewellery and taking pictures for all our beloved wanderers, Katerina was in the process of creating her upcoming collection.

Every piece is produced on an old carpenter’s table. "This is where we work; this is home. I sense that the carpenter’s handmade tradition is magically transmitted in every single piece."

To me, Katerina is one of Greece's most "precious stones" and one of those few people who are a source of inspiration to me! Everytime I see her, and talk to her I feel so overwhelmed and stimulated by her allure that I know that it's people like her who make me love this whimsical world called fashion!
I hope that you will enjoy this interview as much as I did!

FW: The majority of the world we live in has nothing to do with fashion nor finds interest in it. For whom do you work? What does your work reflect and towards whom?
K.P: Fashion, nowadays, has involved into a serious industry, from the price of cotton, production, distribution, sales, PR etc. So, it forms a part of our society no matter the social interest, or its absence.  My work is not related with fashion so much as it is related with the pursue of aesthetics.  I never follow the trends and if my work reflects some of them, it is coincidental.  I create pieces that are based and communicate some messages and ideas.The women who buy them are not after a hot accessory to match their trendy clothes with.  They trust that they will own a special piece with a little story, which will transcend the seasonal deadline.    

FW: What's fashion for you? Define the word fashion.
K.P: That is a good question; we always talk about fashion but never about its definition.  Fashion refers to the prevailing styles of appearance that a society massively adopts.  It is made of distinctive trends that become popular styles or practices.  Fashion is closely related and influenced by society and historical, cultural and political factors.  It reveals one's social status or social subgroup.  Fashion is a term addressed to the whole not to the individual and does not exist outside the social nexus.  It often mirrors our societal, historical and cultural environment.   For me, fashion is not about matching colors and mixing laces with satin....It is about understanding and decoding our society and bringing some messages forth as a piece of jewellery.  My jewellery thus reflect the collective subconscious and desires of the society I am leaving in.

FW: Which was the most influential person in your life so far and the mostmemorable memo in your career and why?
The most influential person was Lena Papanikolaou, a friend and buyer in the hottest boutiques in Athens.  She wore my jewellery from day one of my small career and when I was finishing a collection she was the first to view it.  We had a very special bond; she understood exaclty what I had in my mind and mirrored it back to me in the most enthousiastic way. She is irreplacable. I have many moments; I much enjoy my daily routine, working with my team, going to the fairs, the meetings with the buyers and press.  However, if I had to pick just one memory, I think that my first London Fashion Week participation is the most vivid.             
FW: Is Greece an inspirational country regarding your work? In what way?                                              
K.P: Greece is the absolute inspiration in many, many ways.  First, I look at the Parthenon and its golden ratio everyday.  That is why, I think, I am obsessed with the quest of the perfect proportions. My notions on Greek phylosophy, art, theater have deeply influence the way I create my pieces.  Even the colors of the sea, the Attican sky or the olive trees leaves (green on the one side, silver on the other) always find their way of being expressed in my jewellery.

FW: What inspires you when it comes to conceiving the idea of your new collection 
(a place, a person, a colour, a particular stone)?                                                                                                                                   
K.P: The materials I find as well as concepts or people.  Once, I was inspired by Iris Apfel, another time by Hydra and the movies shot on the island.  A third collection was dedicated to the pegeon houses of Tinos Island.  Architecture, people, or state of being have a clear reference in the collections.  However, the backcone is always the material I find in various parts of the world and flee markets.

FW: Describe Katerina Psoma's woman.  
K.P: I do not have a clear idea about the woman who wears my jewelelry but they all have something in common: they are well educated, polite and share a good sense of humor. 

FW:How would you describe your personal style? What inspires you most? 
K.P: Humor: I do not mind wondering in Athens or Paris or wherever being dressed in the most absurd combinations; however these are never trivial......

FW: What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe? 
K.P: I love green dresses; I have plenty of them...I think I will be buried in a green dress, to match the grass....

FW: Do you believe in jewellery trends (eg the statement necklace)? 
K.P: I beleive only in what makes us feel confortable and beautiful.  Jewellery is not about fashion; it is about an emotional state....

FW: How has recession affected fashion as a whole (apart from the sales part) and how did it change you? 
K.P: We live in the land of plenty, or in the land where plenty is not enough....I always find exagareted consumerism kind of scary.....The offer of so many material goods combined with the lack of a phylosophical or cultural movement is the peril of our society. Selling less has nothing to do with the creative state of a designer; my collections are always available in limited numbers.  This is not necessarily a loss since it protects the brand and my creative instincts. I do not mind selling fewer pieces as long as they perfectly reflect my creativity. 

F.W: What is the future of the social media and what is their impact to your work?
K.P: I love instagram because it is the channel through which I communicate my world.  I do not like the aggressive selling techniques that some stores use in order to attract more costumers through social media.  In my view, uploading photos of trendy items and fashion news exclusively is boring.  The impact of the social media is huge; not only for sales.  Primary and most importantly to communicate ideas..... 

FW: Which are the social networks or apps you cannot live without?  
K.P: I love posting photos on Instagram and I am an obsessed passive reader on Twitter, regarding financial news and daily articles, as well as fashion and art.  I am not a great fan of Facebook

FW: Could you reveal us some of your future plans? 
K.P: To find time to read the Leopard once again.  To find time to watch "In the Mood for Love" once again.  To find time to have a silly chat with my best friend.  To find time to arrange all the familly photos and clear that top shelf in my library from uneccessary papers.

FW: What is your moto in life? 
K.P: Ok! Stop panicking, take a deep breath and count till ten!! 

FW: Give FashionWandering's readers a jewellery fashion tip. 
K.P: Always follow your own instict.  It is irrepplacable and suits you better!!!
If you like my favourite Tagari bag on the picture above stay tuned, as this is Katerina's new project for which I am more than excited!!!

You can find some of Katerina's creations online at luisaviaroma.com and yoox.com or you can visit her website: http://www.katerinapsoma.com/. Her e-shop will be launched soon!

Photos by Lydia Koukou and Ioanna Tsivanidou

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