Inside Netrobe : An exclusive interview with Christina Plakopita

Inspired by the now infamous virtual closet in CluelessNetrobe, an iPhone app out of Athens, Greece, attempts exactly this, helping you remember the individual items from your wardrobe by giving you a tool to catalog them. Netrobe allows iPhone users to mix and match individual items of clothing or accessories on a Styleboard, create outfits for events, pack entire suitcases or add inspirational images to a Lookbook.
The Netrobe iPhone application publicly launched in August 2011, and has since become a top-ten ranked iPhone "lifestyle" application in the United States, with similar rankings in other countries, including number one in Greece and Romania, and number four in Brazil.
"Netrobe is a socially interactive way to create and refine your style", says founder and president Christina Plakopita, a 28-year-old fashion technology entrepreneur who first dreamed up the idea while living in New York city. "There are a lot of sites that provide fashion inspiration, and Netrobe is a way for people to apply those ideas to their own closets."
Being a huge fan of this app, I met Christina and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for all of you my beloved Fashion Wanderers!

FW: The concept of Netrobe, I believe, is inspired from the movie 'Clueless' and Cher's wardrobe. First of all what is the competitive advantage of Netrobe? What does Netrobe offer which makes it unique?
C.P: I was inspired by the movie but I also wanted to create something useful and applicable to different women. The competitive advantage of Netrobe is the usability and clean inspirational design. It is a user-friendly app, which helps you create a record of your clothes by photographing them and removing the background with a sophisticated Photoshop like technology. On top of that the design is simple, inspiring and frames all of your clothes into digital Polaroids, so that you can happily spend hours staring at what you own.
 Through Netrobe, you can save time in organizing your clothes and you can save money by avoiding purchasing the same things. Netrobe is unique, as it allows you to access your wardrobe wherever you are and helps you be more creative and stylish with your outfit choice

FW: What is your target market? Who is using Netrobe's app and why? 
C.P: The app is available for anyone interested in the service. Our target is both 2.0 men and women, from 15 to 45 years old. Netrobe is currently used mostly, by fashion savvy women, who have limited time to organize their wardrobe and who want to be reminded of outfit alternatives. 

FW: What is the vision of the company? Where do you aim to be in 5 years time?
C.P: In 5 years, I would like to see Netrobe becoming a useful tool for every woman and all those men who are interested to combine technology with style. I also aim to make Netrobe a common platform for people who want to share their digital wardrobe, to talk about fashion trends and style and to exchange clothes or accessories all over the world. 

 FW: What is your future plan in order to upgrade your customer service?
C.P: Our aim is to make the process more fun by making it a social tool and allowing consumers to shop online through their virtual closet. There are more surprises to come in the near future..!

FW:  Are there any bloggers or other individuals from the fashion industry that you would like to collaborate with in the future?·        
C.P: I am willing to collaborate with a lot of people from the industry by developing customized and special projects. Would love to have the opportunity to work with Garance Dore, Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleecker, Elin Kling, Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe. There is so much talent out there that the list is endless though.
FW: What is the future of the social media, and what is their impact to your work?
C.P: The social media have definitely changed the way business is done in the western world. It is the first time in history where consumers are truly heard. Businesses have understood the impact of consumers in decision-making and now the economy is consumers-oriented. The word of mouth has become the most important marketing technique. The future is digitalized and the new social world is looking more prominent that we can ever imagine. I think it’s a friendlier, happier and more honest world. Personally, on Netrobe I’m integrating this trend to the core product. We’re going to embrace all social media outlets and make Netrobe one too.

FW: How would you describe your personal style? What inspires you most?
C.P: My style is minimalistic with a touch of glam. I get inspiration from everything, as long it has a twist! I love fashion magazines and editorials, catwalks and shows. I am truly inspired by young, talented individuals who dare to run after their dreams and from powerful minds who make the difference.

FW: You are into fashion yourself! Which are your favorite fashion designers?
C.P: Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Phillip Lim, AKRIS, Alexander Wang and Chloe.  

 FW: What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?
C.P: Emm, let me sign in to my Netrobe and tell you... kidding.
My, what I like to call, museum pieces are… a one shoulder black evening dress from Akris, my grey Chanel evening shoulder bag and my black spiked Christian Louboutin peep-toes.

 FW: What is your moto in life? 
C.P: Own it. Style it. Share it. 
And it doesn't have to do only with clothes. It is nice to be an authentic and own your personality, style it continuously with improvements and then having the altruism and eagerness to share it with the world. 

FW: Give FashionWandering's readers a fashion tip.
C.P: Never abandon your personal style to become something that you cannot support. Always follow your instinct. 

 Being someone who should dress up for work everyday, when i discovered Netrobe my life became easier! I organize myself throughout the weekend, I know what to wear everyday and its fun as well!
Download the Netrobe application yourselves, capture, organize, style and wander through your clothes and your entire wardrobe! This is my favourite iPhone app, and apart from that Netrobe runs one of the coolest blogs with a selection of the most inspirational photos, fashion news and campaigns! Check it out here.


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