Vogue Fashion's Night Out at Luisa World and Manolo Blahnik

The streets were packed full for Vogue’s Fashions Night out in Greece. Luisa World and Manolo Blahnik boutique in Skoufa street in Kolonaki, hosted a party that became the talk of the town. Luisa World dedicated the night to Stella McCartney with special windows, balloons, decorations and a fashion show presentation of Stella's AW 2011 collection. Each of the guests was offered badges and a Polaroid in a case designed by Stella McCartney especially for Vogue's event. The hit of the night was the customized "I Love Stella" t-shirt made by Themis Tataris using his paints and his fingers especially for this night.
There was also another big surprise for the female guests as Manolo Blahnik boutique held an exclusive sales event! You could see the smile on every woman's face :-) Apparently Manolo's boutique was the place to be!!!
It was a fabulous night with exciting celebrity and fashionista appearances and we truly enjoyed it while dancing in the rhythm of the special DJ's music choices and drinking KANENAS wine! 
We had lots of fashion fun indeed!!!

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Photos by Lydia Koukou


  1. Hi! I've just find your blog. Lovely pics and shoes! Should we follow each other to keep in touch? Let me know and I'll do the same with you. Actually I'm translating all the posts of my blog in english too, for people who follow me out of Italy!Come and follow my blog! :)


  2. Lovely post. Nice blog.


  3. ax sigoura perases iperoxa!so many fabulous people!ekpliktikes pics!filia!


  4. Beautiful photos! Krima pou den ta eipame ekeini ti mera! Tha xairomoun poli na se gnwrisw..