One Year Full Of Fashion Wandering!!!

Kirsty Amy Ward and me

Interview by the BFC

Matthew Zorpas and me

Garance Dore and The Sartorialist

When Face Hunter met Fashion Wandering

Lydia and me during LFW

Lydia, Maria and me during LFW

Yasmin Sewell

Sophia Neophytou Apostolou

Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Olivia Palermo

"Reality and dreams.. Aspirations and inspirations.. Maybe there is a day for everyone, when you get so inspired that you aspire to turn your reality into your dream. Then, you start wandering on the paths where your dreams guide you, living that way the sweetest reality! My path brought me to London, and this was just the beginning of the most inspirational journey of my life. I got lost in the paths of my fears, of my dreams, of my realities, in the paths that my love for fashion led me! From now on, i will never stop wandering and getting lost in the innovative concepts and ideas of the fashion people who inspire me that much, that i aspire to get better and better every day and approach my dream even more!"

A year ago, while staring London by night through my Paddington window glasses I decided to start my own fashion blog. What you read above was my first post. I still remember my heartbeats and my excitement with everything that was "fashionably" going on. 

Right now, lying on my bed in Athens, after having a great night with friends all I think about is how blessed I am and what a great step it was for me to overcome my fears and express all my feelings, ideas and personal taste via Fashion Wandering. I met and snapped people I always admired, I got connected with people all over the world who share the same passion as I do, I experienced my first time in Fashion Week, I got the chance to approach my fashion dreams more and more everyday!
It was indeed the beginning of the most inspirational journey of my life!
A big THANK YOU to Lydia (the great photographer of this blog) and Mika for all their support which was more than priceless! They helped me discover a new "self", whose existence i never knew! A big THANK YOU to my family, my friends Eleni, Eleanna and George as well, being the reason and the motivation for what i did so far.
BUT THE BIGGEST THANK YOU COMES TO YOU MY BELOVED FASHION WANDERERS for keeping on wandering, supporting and getting lost in the breathtaking fashion paths with me!
Keep on dreaming and believing, do never lose hope and remember...this was just the beginning of this journey...The best are yet to come!

Ps: This song is dedicated to all of my Fashion Wanderers!! Let's dance and get prepared for a "Level Up"!!!

Photos by LYDIA KOUKOU and Ioanna Tsivanidou


  1. my dear friend, we all know your passion for fashion. We all know that your world is a world of fabrics, catlwalks, illustrations, sartorialists, inspirations. However the most admirable thing is that you follow your dreams. No matter what..
    You will succeed my friend, because you are....unique! Simple as that! Keep walking!
    Here is a good story for u :)

    Love our friend

  2. How fab - and a total pleasure for us all to follow your fashion musings xx


  3. Fantastic :) so much fun