Vanessa Traina's Maje Capsule Collection

Vanessa Traina has been collaborating with Maje for several seasons, appearing in the brand’s advertising campaigns, but now it is her first step into design. Her capsule collection for Maje is comprised of  14 pieces, which I personally adore due to its minimalism and lingerie influences.
As the "it" girl stated, “I really wanted to make pieces that could slip seamlessly into anyone’s wardrobe, so the idea was a seasonless collection, something that you’d want to buy now, but wear beyond spring. That’s why it’s all in black. My close friends who have seen the collection have told me that they really see me in the collection, which I take as a compliment. I really put a lot of myself into this collection.”


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  1. the lingere accents are so delicate and beautiful. lovely collection and pics!

    Lydz xX