Welcome to the world of Iosselliani Jewellery!

IOSSELLIANI begins in Rome in 1997 from the gathering of Roberta Paolucci and Paolo Giacomelli. They have both worked and cooperated with Romeo Gigli, Missoni, Fiorucci, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Antonio Marras, and Kenzo.
Strongly influenced by the Italian classic jewelry, Paolo and Roberta combine their love for vivid materials crafted  into modern shapes with the enormous heritage of tradition.
Personally, i am in love with Iosselliani rings! They are beyond amazing!
The collection is currently available at Browns Focus, Harrod's, Harvey Nichols and Liberty. You can also find and purchase the complete collection here.

Source: Iosselliani.com


  1. Wow, love their design. Did not know about them 'till now!

  2. I know... visit their website to see more!!!