Wandering around Kirsty Ward's collection

Photo by Lydia Koukou
Kirsty Ward Graduated in 2008, with a distinction, from the prestigious Womenswear MA degree at Central Saint Martins' College of Art and Design. Immediately after her graduate show, Ward was snapped up by Alberta Ferretti to design for her in Italy. After a year and a half honing her craft with Ferretti, Ward will launch her eponymous label with a Spring/Summer 2011 collection during London Fashion Week.

With a natural talent for fashion Kirsty Wards designs have attracted interest and commisions from a variety of fashion heavy weights. Ward was asked by London Fashion Week debutant David Longshaw to design a jewellery line for his AW10 catwalk collection debuted at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Exhibition. The collaboration, which led to Ward being selected as a finalist in the 9th ITS awards, also resulted in worldwide positive press and praise for her jewellery, which often juxtaposes masculine and feminine aesthetics with beads, Swarovski crystals, fine silks and plumbing all artfully strung together to create beautiful, playfully arresting pieces.
Photo by Lydia Koukou
Kirsty showcased her debut Spring Summer 2011 womenswear and jewellery collection during London Fashion Week at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Exhibition. This is where i met her and i had the chance to have a close look and admire her sculptural jewellery and boned, textured clothing.  Kirsty was really kind to answer to a few questions of mine for all the fashion wanderers.
Photo by Lydia Koukou
FW: What was your inspiration for this collection? 

KW: The S/S2011 collection has been inspired by 1980s 'bad taste', tinsel, lametta and work of Felix Topolski and working jewellery techniques into more modern embellishments onto the garments. I have also given the garments a more sculptural element by adding boning and binding to the edges.
FW: Why do you think jewellery are important as a part of an outfit? 
KW: I like initially working with basic shapes then building on that, my clothing has an air of minimalism about it, but the jewellery adds an extra chunky dimension - more of an interest, jewellery is often more accessIble that clothing too, as the wearer doesnt have to be a certain size to wear it.
FW: What's fashion for you? Could you please define me the word "fashion"?  
KW: Fashion is suppose is a form of art that we wear?!
FW: Where are you now and what are your future plans?  
KW: I want to keep building my brand – and gaining more stockists each season, so for now I will be sorting S/S production out then I will start to design A/W - which I'm already excited and inspired about.
FW: How important is the aftermath of a finished collection, regarding the steps you need to make for the next one?
KW: Its important to see which pieces in the collection are successful with the press and buyers, then its about the next step about where to take things from there - if you want to build on the successful pieces or go in the other direction. 
FW: Who are your distributors in the UK or abroad? 
KW: I design the jewellery for David Longshaw too, the A/W collection is stocked with sister boutique - Tokyo and youngbritishdesigners.com - UK, as for my own label (as this is its first season) - several boutiques are interested but cannot confirm until everything is signed on the dotted line.

As you can see from the lookbook photos, the collection includes delicately layered wax cotton dresses, pastel shades and sheer fabrics embroidered with Ward's trademark use of metal jewellery combined to create structured silhuettes and classical pieces. 
With an outstanding debut collection, Kirsty Ward is definately a fashion designer to watch and a name to remember! A big thank you and a big Bravo to her!! Looking forward to wandering around her next collection!!!

Model: Skye Victoria Kelly Barratt
Hair/Make up: Verity Cumming
Photos:Mariell Amelie 

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