Wandering during London Fashion Week

Turn the lights on!!! It's London Fashion Week!!

As I mentioned on my first post, there is a day for everyone, when you get so inspired that you aspire to turn your reality into your dream. Then, you start wandering on the paths where your dreams guide you, living that way the sweetest reality! That happened to me last week, when I was given the opportunity to work in the Press Office of London Fashion Week!
I was working for Vauxhall Fashion Scout, which is the driving force behind emerging fashion talent and plays host to an enviable line up of innovative designers during London Fashion Week. It was fabulous! 
The most important and valuable outcome - apart from the working experience - was the people I met and worked with. Innovative new designers (whose amazing work you will be able to see in later posts), journalists, bloggers, fashionistas, photographers, everybody gave me something new and inspiring under the umbrella of our common love... The love for fashion!! 

The Media Centre
The Media Centre
Georgios Mavridis: Associate PR Manager of Vauxhall Fashion Scout

My colleagues at the Media Centre

Admiring Edward Finey's creation

Stylish fashion wanderer

Kirsty Ward, designer

 Nancy Van Ostren, designer

Jewellery designer Katie Rowland and I

Photographer Lucas Seidenfaden and I

During LFW, Lydia and I attended some fascinating fashion shows at the Somerset House, where we met beautiful people that Lydia captured for the Streetchic section of the blog. Wandering out of Somerset House, I was interviewed by journalist Laura Jackson, for both British Fashion Council and Grazia. Lydia was such a star by managing to get some photos while being filmed by the BFC...

I would like to profoundly thank my dearest friend Lydia Koukou for her continuous support during the last week as well as the endless, sleepless nights she underwent to edit the photographic material. Lydia, you were the best person I could share this experience with! Moreover, I would like to thank from the bottom of my fashionable heart Georgios Mavridis, who was the one that gave me the unique opportunity to become part of the Media Centre. His motivation and support opened a new path for me to walk on...the Fashion Week path - a lifetime experience! 



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